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What is Race Element?

Race Element

Race Element is a lightweight application for sim racing that is designed to run with minimum system requirements.

  • Get started and download the app: Download

Supported Simulators

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC)

Main Features

  • HUDs
  • Data
  • Setups
  • Liveries
  • Streaming


HUDs(Head-up displays) are 2D graphics that can be used to provide you data whilst driving. There are a various amount of HUDs that each provides you useful information in a minimalistic manner whilst being highly configurable.

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Custom Configuration
  • Low performance hit
  • Can be used for stream only


The app represents data recorded during driving into so called Race Weekend Databases(RWDB files). These Race Weekends can be viewed in the Data tab of the application and provide you essential information such as lap- and sectortimes, fuel usage and the conditions of each lap.


Whilst usually one has to start the game to view car setups, the app itself presents them to be viewed and compared in the Setups tab.

  • Copy setups to the clipboard
  • Import setups by drag and drop on-top of the app(even works straight from discord)


The Liveries tab provides functionality to manage liveries, Race Element automatically scans the right folders and shows you all your custom liveries.

  • Browse the Files and folders of a livery straight from the app
  • Create the base for a Custom Livery on the fly, the days of manually setting up a custom livery are gone
  • Drag and Drop to Import Livery Archives(.zip, .rar, .7z), either single liveries or livery packs
  • Export Livery Archives as a Zip archive, either single liveries or livery packs
  • Tag Liveries to Categorize them, create a friends tag


  • Setup Hider for OBS and Streamlabs.
  • Display HUDs on stream with OBS and Streamlabs.

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