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The HUD Tab contains HUDs(Heads up displays)/Overlays. HUDs are 2D graphics that overlay the game. Every HUD can be moved around and can be freely customized.


Activated HUDs will show a green marker in the left side HUD list. You can activate a HUD by:

  • Double clicking them in the left side HUD List.
  • Clicking the Title of the HUD in the right side panel.
  • Right clicking whilst in the right side panel whilst a HUD is shown.


By default the activated HUDs will only become visible once you are driving and the engine of the car is running. Now if you want to have them showing at any time, you can enable the Always Visible mode, this is a Eye toggle-button on the bottom-left of the HUD tab.

  • Don't see any HUDs? make sure you have activated the ones you want to use.
  • When the game is in Fullscreen mode, tap F11 twice. This will allow other windows to be on top whilst in full screen mode.


Activated HUDs can be moved with the mouse by enabling the 'movement mode'. You can toggle the movement mode by:

  • Keyboard: Control + Home
  • Click the movement mode button in the bottom-left.
  • Clicking your scroll wheel(middle mouse button) in the right side panel.


HUDs can be customized using the options in the right side panel. HUDs can only be customized when they are not activated and when the movement mode is disabled. You will be able to see a the preview image based on the hud configuration. By default every HUD contains an option to set the Scale, the Opacity, Enabling 'Window mode' and choosing whether the HUDs should be 'Always On Top'. Aside from these default options there are HUD specific options like changes in shape, color or information.

Adjusting a HUD