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The Setups Tab allows you to view, compare, import and share Setups for Assetto Corsa Competizione. These Setups are .json files which the app is able to convert into real data.


The Setup Browser is divided by Tracks then Car models and then the actual setups.

  • Refresh the setups by right clicking the Browse tab at the top.
  • Right Click Tracks and Car models to open the directory with windows explorer.

Viewing and Comparing Setups

The Setup browser can display the setups just like they are displayed within the simulator.

  • Click a setup and it will become visible on the right side of the browser.

Comparing Setups

Race Element allows you to compare 2 setups.

  • Right Click a setup to add it to Compare 1 or Compare 2.
  • Visit the Compare Tab at the right top to see the difference between the 2 setups that you have selected.

Importing Setups with the Setup Importer

The app has got the ability to import a Setup and place it in the correct folder. There are multiple types of methods to open a setup in the Setup Importer.

  • Drag and Drop a .json which is a Setup on-top of the app.
  • If someone sends you a .json setup in discord, you can drag the download button and drop it on-top of the app.
  • Click a SetupLink, the setup importer will automatically open for you.

Sharing Setups

When Right Clicking a Setup in the browser tree, you have multiple sharing options.

  • Copy to clipboard: Copies the .json file to the clipboard.

A SetupLink is a shareable link which contains the entire Setup, this means you can share a setup on the web without actually ever uploading it to any server.

  • Copy as SetupLink: Creates a SetupLink and copies that to the clipboard.
  • Copy As SetupLink for Discord: Does the same as a normal SetupLink but packages it in Markdown so it's nice and readable for discord sharing.