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Every Race Element Chat Command starts with: +

Available Commands

  • +app Links to the Race Element website and discord.
  • +ahead +behind Race info for the car ahead or behind, based on position, not relative.
  • +p Race info for the car at the requested global position. Use like +p 1.
  • +# Race info for the car with the requested entry number. Use like +# 992.
  • +diff Shows the difference in lap times and sectors for the currently viewed car vs the requested car. Use like +diff ahead, +diff behind, +diff p 1, +diff # 1
  • +temps Current ambient and track temperature, with more detail when the car is being driven.
  • +damage Total damage in repair time, this data is only available when the driver is in the car.
  • +purple Best valid lap in the lobby for the current session.
  • +potential Potential best lap based on the fastest sectors from valid laps. Requires valid laps.
  • +session Current Session type.
  • +track Current track.
  • +car Current car.
  • +angle Steering angle(lock-to-lock) for the current car.
  • +fuel Calculates fuel, parameters are [minutes] [liters/lap] [laptime], use like +fuel 60 3 2:10.